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It's YOUR Wedding

Weddings are meant for everyone to enjoy, but it should truly be about what the couple wants. Although it’s nice having a second or third opinion from the people you love, it’s important to make sure your final decisions are truly what you want. It’s okay to break traditions as long as you and your significant other are happy with the outcome. You don’t have to only serve cake or have a wedding cake at all. Want to wear another color besides white? Go for it! You don’t want to make a grand entrance/exit? That’s okay too! You don’t want a bridal party? That’s perfectly fine, your wedding will still happen.

COVID-19 has already impacted the types of weddings we can have, so try not stress about upholding traditions or feeling like you have to please everyone. Do what makes you happy! If you need help deciding what’s best for you, Events & Moore can always help.


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