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Minimony Weddings

The current regulations and restrictions may prevent you from having your ideal wedding, but it does not mean you cannot celebrate your big day! This past year has been filled with an overwhelming amount of emotions and anxiety, due to the impacts of the pandemic. Many of you may have considered postponing or canceling your wedding altogether, but have you considered having a minimony?

A minimony is typically a small ceremony that hosts 10 - 20 people (including your bridal party, if you choose to have one). The purpose of a minimony is to allow you and your significant other to exchange vows in front of your close friends and family. It allows you to honor your initial wedding date, if able. Think of it as a mini commitment ceremony, usually with the intent to have a sequel wedding - your ideal wedding with a larger audience. A minimony focuses on what the couple wants whereas a larger wedding focuses on the enjoyment for everyone. It is also another way to say money or utilize your budget more perfectly.

At Events and Moore, we can successfully provide backdrop to your minimony. Want something special? We can adjust to what you need.

We Offer Moore…By enhancing your vision, on your day...within your budget!

You can learn more about our many services on our website


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