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Outdoor Wedding Altar

Finding the right officiant is important.  The ceremony is the most important feature of your wedding day, let us create that vision for you.

Packages Include

All wedding packages include the filing of the Marriage License and unlimited phone and email consultation.


50% non-refundable retainer due at booking remainder due within 2 weeks of ceremony

Rehearsals include:

  • Setting up of Bridal Party

  • Coordinating Readers and Special Music

  • Help with flow of ceremony including unity ceremony

  • Complete Wedding run through

I Do! (no ceremony)

Marriage Ceremony

You don’t need to say yes to the dress, you just want to get married and get on with your lives together.  This is a wonderful alternative to going to the courthouse and waiting all day to get married. Works well for couples who want to be legal and/or may also be planning a larger event at another date/time. You apply for the license and bring to me the day-of. We will legalize and then file as we are legally required to do. We provide you a simple ceremony that consists of delivery of the vows, asking all the necessary questions, signing of the license.  Includes a 30-minute consultation, but no rehearsal.  Ceremony length averages 10 minutes.

One Bell, One Whistle

Machnik wedding2.jpg

You don’t need them all, but you want more than the I do.  With this package, you get our standard stock ceremony with wedding message.  This is the perfect package for a vow renewal, or to make a marriage official, after that impromptu wedding on the beach in Cancun.  Includes a 30-minute consultation and stock ceremony, but no rehearsal. Ceremony length averages 10--15 minutes.

Happily, Ever After


A ceremony specifically crafted to provide an experience like no other. Hand built by the couple with our help and direction. We provide the parts of the ceremony and you tell us what you options you would like.  Includes a general wedding message. This is the package for you if you want to do your own vows.  Ceremony length averages 20-30 minutes.  This package includes the rehearsal and the service.

With This Ring


Hand built by the couple with my help and direction. In-depth personal planning meeting to cover all your choices and optional elements. I want to meet with you both to discover your love story! Couple is in complete control and will see and approve of every word for your ceremony. I will write and perform a professional 1-hour rehearsal day-of or within a week of your wedding. Rehearsals are important…. don’t let anyone tell you they are not. And of course, as with every wedding ceremony, you get my award-winning performance too! This is perfect for the couple planning an intimate gathering.  Start with one of our various services, and build from there.  You can have me deliver your vows, or you can write your own.  This package includes the rehearsal and the service, plus a one hour consultation and interview to help with the customization.  Ceremony length averages 15-20 minutes.

Most Popular Package

Wedded Bliss

The granddaddy of them all.  Our Happily, Ever After package with the extra support from one of our expert wedding consultants.  Our consultation will take the time you need to tell us your love story.  I’ll write your wedding message and work with you on your vows that convey your feelings for each other.  This package includes the rehearsal and the service and includes our wedding coordinator to help provide an extra level of support for your ceremony. Someone to make sure the processional and recessional releases are timed, support for guests during the ceremony, and more important – support for the bride before she enters the aisle when no one else is around to help. Someone to pin boutonnieres or find corsages, pre-wedding coordination with wedding party and family and set-up of special elements.  Ceremony length averages 20-30 minutes.

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