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About Us

Scott has been a professional broadcaster, writer and public speaker for over 40 years.  Working with his niece for her ceremony helped him to see that he could use his broadcasting background to benefit other young couples.  He offers a professional ceremony without the constraints other options might have.  He is ordained by the Universal Life Church which is recognized in every county in Michigan.  He can perform non-denominational or civil ceremony’s. 


Kim has been running events for a long-time, when she had the ah-ha moment that the only thing that would ruin a wedding day was for the Officiant to be a no-show.  In the post-pandemic environment this not being able to show up is an even greater possibility.  Getting her credentials to officiate was just meant as a back up.  With the post-pandemic environment the need for officiants is a real need.  She is now actively officiating weddings.  She and Scott work collectively to handle the wedding ceremony calendar.  Kim handles all of the business paper work and Scott is our writer for the ceremonies.  

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